We work hard to promote bike helmet usage and to get cities and towns to legislate bike helmets through the rule of law.

Our current campaigns:
Cycle Sinners
We have begun a national campaign to bring the message about bike helmets to those cyclists who foolishly ride without one.
We're encouraging people to honk their horn, smile and wave as they shout "Cycle Sinner! Wear your helmet!" We'll be launching a website soon! Stay tuned!

We have some great stickers available for FREE download which you can print out and put on your car.

Danger Days on Bikes
We have enjoyed a lot of success across the country with our Danger Days programme. It involves going to schools to teach the children how dangerous cycling is and encouraging their parents to buy bike helmets from one of the major bike helmet companies.

We sing songs and show them how to put on helmets safely, as well as teaching them how to tell other kids to wear helmets, too.

The University was kind enough to loan us a crushed skull from an accident victim - we call him Silly Cyclist and he travels with us to schools and shopping malls he makes a big impression on the kids! It's not actually the skull of a cyclist, but we sure get the point across!
Silly, Silly Cyclist!

Thanks to generous funding from major bike helmet companies, we can travel just about anywhere to get the message across. So be sure to drop us a line if you're interested in having us show up at your school, church or town hall!