Welcome to the website for The International Safety Union for Cyclists. We are a bike helmet advocacy group comprised of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring a safety-conscious society for all of our fellow citizens.

We are a part of an international network of Bike Helmet Advocates and together we are working towards a safe future.

Cycling is one of the most dangerous activities imaginable and we want to see helmet laws in place everywhere there is a bike and someone to ride it. Bike helmets can protect the head in over 85% of all accidents! Don't take the risk!

And remember: Bike Helmet legislation gives you the FREEDOM to choose SAFETY!

Our Network:
The Danish Cyclists' Union - Dansk Cyklist Forbund
RĂ¥det for Sikker Trafik - Denmark
[These two Danish orgs excel in spreading the good word without cluttering up their position with science.]
Bell Helmets
Trek Helmets
Nutcase Helmets
Protective Headgear Manufacturers' Association